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Take some time to look at what makes our Evolution Pocket Spring unique.


Tempering of our springs are done by means of an electrical treatment process that hardens the wire and, thereby, increases its strength.

The human eye cannot spot the difference between a tempered and an un-tempered spring, but laboratory tests have proven that our tempered springs handle compressions 30.8% better than un-tempered springs. Our Pocket springs are also pre-set, the spring is compressed flat, to eliminate initial sagging in the mattress.

Each spring is wrapped in its own fabric pocket and a large number of pockets are glued together in rows to form a pocketed spring system. This enables each spring to move independently.

Our pocket springs are also pre-compressed. This means the spring is taller than the individual pocket within which the spring is encased. By pre-compressing each spring, we create a power-packed pocket.

All the wire used in our springs are treated with vanadium, a rust-resistant additive that improves steel quality and increases durability.

A tough 4-mm steel edge frame wire surrounds the spring unit. This frame wire is spot-welded on the corners of the mattress for added strength, with foam moulded sides to prevent edge- roll and to maximise the sleeping surface.

All Rest Assured Pocketed spring units are manufactured according to SABS SANS 1005 test Standards. The bare spring unit withstands 5 000 compressions without a 5% deviation and the complete mattress goes through 60 000 compressions without a 5% deviation.

At Rest Assured we control the entire raw material supply chain. We manufacture our own Pocketed springs, bases, foam and weave/knit our own fabrics. This is a claim no other mattress manufacturer can make.